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Since Mercedes-Benz is known as one of the highest-quality luxury auto manufacturers in the world, it is correct to assume that our cars are consistently among the most durable and reliable. Some of the longevity associated with these automobiles stems from proper maintenance and upkeep. MBOBR provides tools to ensure that your vehicle continues to perform as flawlessly as it did when you first made the purchase. We offer a specified maintenance schedule that encompasses prepaid options for new as well as certified pre-owned models. At 10,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first, our master technicians use a thorough 27-point service checklist to maintain your vehicle in excellent running order until the next 10,000 mile/12-month check-up.
At MBOBR, we strive to deliver the highest quality service in the industry. Even post-purchase, we bring you the personalized care you have come to enjoy and expect from us. Our certified technicians help to ensure that your automobile’s service and repairs are made with precision and efficiency. We only use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. Rest assured that the quality and craftsmanship we employ to maintain your vehicle is worthy of the name Mercedes-Benz. Our collision experts endeavor to keep your vehicle’s appearance as sharp as the day you drove it off the lot, and make repairs in as little time as possible. We train our technicians to repair cosmetic damage to wheels, windshields, and minor interior damage with speed and in a cost-effective manner.
You may use our online form at your convenience, or you may call our service customer care representatives at 936-206-7500 during business hours. Our technicians are standing by to assist you. We strive to keep your vehicle running smoothly and aim to provide you with the confidence of knowing that you are driving one of the best-engineered, safest and most luxurious vehicles on the road today.

At MBOBR, we do not sell a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz unless it meets stringent inspection requirement and qualifies for a pre-owned certified designation. We are fully committed to the brand’s reputation for quality, luxury, performance, and trust. We adhere to strict standards of excellence, value our customers, and are dedicated to serving your best interest. To earn pre-owned certification, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle must comply with a well-defined set of criteria and pass an in-depth inspection with 164 touch points, including:

  • Pre-Road Test and Engine Compartment Checks – Oil and fluid inspections that include level control fluid, brake, rear-axle oil, clutch, engine, and transmission, among others.
  • System Condition and Engine Component Check – An exam of the engine from engine mounts and V-belts to filters and plugs.
  • Electrical Systems and Function Test – Thorough testing of headlights, fuses, radio, front seat-belt presenters, heated seats, and rear-window sunshade.
  • Undercarriage / Drive Train – We inspect the brakes, wheels, tires, steering, suspension, and driveshaft.
  • Road Test – A firsthand test drive with an eye and ear toward vibration, noise, shift-lock operations, instruments, and more.
  • Appearance – A certified pre-owned vehicle is as free of dents, dings, scuffs, and scratches as we can make it.
According to Car and Driver, “No car signals the achievement-or, in today’s world, the maintenance-of affluence better than a Mercedes-Benz.” If you want the luxury, quality, performance and features that are synonymous with owning a Mercedes-Benz, but also want the best value for your money, a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz is the solution for you. All our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles include an excellent warranty with no deductible. Plus, there are no additional charges for parts or labor with the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Extended Limited Warranty. All of the car’s vital electrical and mechanical components are covered. That’s the Mercedes-Benz peace of mind.
At MBOBR, every certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz comes with an industry-leading, unlimited-mileage warranty that offers coverage for one year. Buyers have the option of adding one or two years to the Mercedes-Benz CPO coverage if they wish. Regardless of how many miles are on the odometer, you can be confident in knowing your car is under warranty, and you can enjoy unlimited peace of mind for unlimited miles.
A pre-owned Mercedes-Benz can offer many of the same features as later models, at a significantly lower price. They are a great value for first time Mercedes-Benz owners, as a second vehicle or for those on a budget. Here are a few tips that can help you find a quality pre-owned Mercedes-Benz:
Check the Vehicle History Often, the best pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles are those with the fewest owners. For example, a single-owner vehicle is often well taken care of, because it was purchased new and the previous owner has incentive to keep it maintained, protecting its warranty and value. Many dealerships, including official Mercedes-Benz dealers, will provide a free vehicle history report that lists the previous owners, and provides information on accidents and other problems.
Have it Professionally Inspected Have a professional Mercedes-Benz dealer do a complete inspection of the vehicle, looking for mechanical problems, safety issues and aesthetic defects. Once you know the vehicle’s true condition, you can make a fair offer.
Consider Certified Pre-Owned Available only at authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships, Certified Pre-Owned models offer performance and features similar to a new vehicle, with a lower cost and a one-year unlimited mileage warranty.
At Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge, you will always find the latest models available in stock. Our selection of 2016 coupes, sedans, SUVs, and vans is one of the largest in the area. Browse online for detailed information about our inventory or visit us in person and experience these fine automobiles firsthand. From the 2016 Maybach S 600 Sedan to the E 400 Coupe and the GL 450 Sport Utility Vehicle, we carry the very latest in performance, comfort and luxury.
There are benefits to both choices. Mercedes-Benz vehicles keep their value long past the year they were manufactured and are rated extremely high in terms of longevity. Generally speaking, you would do equally well buying this year’s model as you will next year’s when it comes to quality. There are some differences, of course, and so the decision primarily becomes a matter of individual taste and desire. The latest model will typically have the newest technology and innovations, so it’s a good idea to compare features. The year-old models, on the other hand, will naturally cost a bit less, allowing you to enjoy savings on a brand-new Mercedes-Benz. Do consider that the latest as well as the year-old models will periodically enjoy special offers, so be sure to sign up for MBOBR email notifications to take advantage of these incentives.
This is an exciting time to be in the market for a new Mercedes-Benz because the combination of classic engineering and current technology has taken these automobiles to a new level altogether. Some of the incredible new features you can expect from the latest models include Intelligent Drive, DISTRONIC PLUS® with Steering Assist, and Active Blind Spot Assist. Plus, you’ll enjoy Adaptive Highbeam Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, PRESAFE®, Eco Start/Stop, Parktronic with Active Parking Assist, and cornering lights.
The German brand is set to outdo itself every year with its new models, and this coming year is no exception. The Mercedes-Benz latest models available in the market for 2017 include some of the most elegant and simplest designs the brand has come up with. There are nine models coming out next year. While they are all exceptional, here are a couple of the most highly anticipated models. Mercedes-AMG® GT and GT C These roadsters will make you feel the thrill of driving a high-performing vehicle, only this time the exhilarating feeling will be heightened by bringing the hood down and turning your car into a convertible. While the AMG® GT sports a handcrafted 4.0-liter V8 bi-turbo that performs beautifully, the AMG® GT C uses the same equipment in combination with a rear steering system which steps up the game of the convertible. Smart Fortwo The Smart Fortwo Cabrio is an all-new design which was discontinued for several years. This time, it’s intended to be driven by drivers who feel inclined for fuel economy without giving up comfort and top design. This vehicle is intended to be highly successful in dense cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Miami. To achieve such a goal, it has designed a variety with a top down for each of these locations. This line has allowed Mercedes-Benz latest models to have a personality of its own, while targeting it for city-dwellers with different origins.
We have a substantial inventory of certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles in stock. If you are searching for a particular pre-owned model or color that is unavailable in our inventory, we will gladly help you find it. For your convenience, we offer a search form on our website that allows you to enter detailed information about the vehicle you are looking for. Once we have located a Mercedes-Benz that meets your requirements, we will contact you. To better serve our clientele, we maintain close relationships with sister stores to facilitate the transfer of pre-owned inventory.
The Mercedes-Benz name is universally recognized as an indicator of luxury, quality, dependability and performance. These automobiles are engineered and built with extraordinary craftsmanship, for longevity and long-term enjoyment. Their inherent quality combined with a rigorous inspection process makes Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles superior to any other pre-owned car on the market. You’ll enjoy additional peace of mind thanks to:
Factory-Backed MBCPO Warranties – A limited warranty that offers one year of coverage with unlimited miles. Extended limited warranties are also available.
CARFAX® History Report – CARFAX History Reports deliver vital information about a pre-owned vehicle through a VIN# check. The reports advise of previous frame/structural damage, accident indicators, odometer readings, service and repair information, total loss accident history, and more.
A Rigorous Vehicle Inspection Process – Each Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicle is subjected to a thorough examination to ensure the car is in excellent condition and road-ready.
Roadside Assistance Program – Roadside assistance is just a phone call away, 24/7.
7-day/500-mile Exchange Privilege – If you are not satisfied with your vehicle for any reason, just return it within seven days or 500 miles, and we will exchange it for a different pre-owned certified vehicle of equal value.
To find the vehicle that’s right for you, take your time while touring our inventory and compare your options. Although all of our Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles are rigorously inspected and must be in superb condition, be sure to test-drive the car and conduct a visual inspection of your top candidate(s). Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about any vehicle you consider for purchase. We are at your service to assist you with budgeting, selecting a model that fits your lifestyle, and explaining the car’s features in detail.
Mercedes-Benz is a multinational group that belongs to the German industrialist firm Daimler AG. Company headquarters are located in Stuttgart, in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Mercedes-Benz is continually expanding production capacities with new facilities around the globe, laying the foundation for future growth. Our automobiles are manufactured in a variety of locations around the world. The G-Class wagon is made in the idyllic city of Graz, Austria. Our CLA is made in beautiful Hungary. The C-Class, the M-Class, and the GL-Class SUV are manufactured at a production facility near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. All AMG® products come directly from Germany.
Each decade, for well over a century, Mercedes-Benz has reinvented the concept of the automobile. From well-appointed luxury sedans preferred by diplomats to celebrated off-road vehicles, if a vehicle bears the Silver Star logo, it is the front-runner in its class. To car enthusiasts and buyers around the globe, the Mercedes-Benz name stands for luxury, quality, reliability, endurance, and performance. The combination of sophisticated technology, elegant furnishings and a full selection of engines makes Mercedes-Benz vehicles desired worldwide. These automobiles are feature-rich, well-constructed, sumptuous, and heavy on safety, splendor, and respectability. The name has become synonymous with extravagance, performance, and cutting-edge technology..

Mercedes-Benz has always been an innovator in technology and engineering. The company has a long history of developing and implementing the latest vehicle safety features on the market today, including:

  • Active Lane Keeping Assist Helps you remain in your lane if you drift.
  • Active Blind Spot Assist Helps you stay in your lane if the system identifies a car in the blind spot.
  • Cross Traffic Assist Examines the road to help you steer clear of accidents.
  • Pedestrian Recognition Systems Warns you of objects ahead, even applying the brakes if necessary.
  • Attention Assist – An industryfirst technology designed to prevent problems caused by fatigue.
  • Crosswind Stabilization System Counteracts the effects of heavy side winds to keep your ride smooth.
  • Advanced lighting technologies Brilliant illumination for maximum safety.

Today’s Mercedes-Benz vehicles offer exclusive breakthroughs that help make accidents less severe if and when they occur. Ground-breaking design ensures automobiles sustain less damage. And safety technology in every car assists in accident prevention. True to its reputation and heritage, the Mercedes-Benz focus zeroes in on engineering ever-evolving safety features–with the sincerest desire that you will never need them.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a commercial van renowned for its fuel-efficiency, Best-in-Class payload, cargo volume, and interior height. The Sprinter Van’s powerful 2-stage turbo diesel engine paired with legendary Mercedes-Benz reliability and service make this vehicle a popular choice for work fleets, delivery drivers, and beyond. Mercedes-Benz takes great care to update and advance the popular Sprinter each year, adding advanced safety features and vehicle performance features such as the new 4×4 version. Other new features include Crosswind Assist, a standard crosswind mitigation system that gently engages the breaks in order to stabilize the vehicle in high winds. New BlueTEC® clean-diesel technology helps make the Sprinter environmentally friendly. The popular Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle option results in 90% less emissions than a gas-powered vehicle.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is available in five models:

  • Cargo Van
  • Crew Van
  • Passenger Van
  • Minibus
  • Cab Chassis

Each model is available in different sizes and payload capabilities. Van length ranges from standard, long, and extra long. Roof height also can be customized with its tallest super High Roof creating an interior standing height of seven feet. Gross vehicle weight is available in three classes:

  • 2500 model 8,550 lbs perm GVWR
  • 3500 model 9,990 lbs perm GVWR
  • 3500 model 11,030 lbs perm GVWR

Choosing the right Sprinter van should be based on your cargo needs, uses, and driving conditions.

Sprinter vans are the ultimate customizable vehicle. The van can be configured by height, wheel base, graphics, upfit, and more. The models can accommodate cargo space or passenger seats. Customers also use the Sprinter as the foundation for creative customization. Sprinter Preferred Upfitters can help you create your unique vehicle with near endless possibilities. Sprinters are often converted to recreational vehicles, food trucks, luxury limousines, mobile showrooms or workshops, mobile offices, emergency vehicles, and more.
Sprinter vans are very reliable vehicles and have been around for years. Their large frame and high payload capacity make them perfect vehicles for delivery drivers, airport shuttles, or cargo vans. The Sprinter has a very large interior. These vans can carry a high volume of material, which suit them perfectly for cargo transportation purposes. A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van has a cargo volume of 319 cubic feet, and they are able to accommodate a vast amount of cargo. These vans are also able to carry upwards of 3,000 pounds, which makes them very useful if the load being carried is particularly heavy.
Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge is Texas’ newest authorized Mercedes-Benz retailer near Houston. We take tremendous pride in the state-of-the-art showroom we created for the enjoyment of our customers. The moment you step through our doors you’ll experience world-class service, personal attention, and luxurious amenities, including a business center for your convenience and massage therapy services. We look forward to your visit and anticipate the opportunity to introduce you to our full range of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.
We think of ourselves as a luxury retailer, not a car dealership. We make this distinction because we do so much more than sell cars–we invite you to experience an extraordinary lifestyle. We consider our customers family, the lifeblood of our success, and we are determined to bring you a shopping experience unlike any other. We have the true desire to exceed your expectations, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and an honest wish to share the one-of-a-kind Mercedes-Benz lifestyle with you.
Massage Therapist On Site – It is the small touches that often make the difference. As you shop for vehicles or stop by for routine maintenance, you can rejuvenate your spirit with a relaxing massage. While our technicians skillfully attend to your car or a sales associate finalizes your purchase, you can leave the stress of the world behind under the skillful touch of our onsite massage therapist. Private Business Center – Your time is valuable to you, and it is important to us. Our private business center will keep you from having to interrupt your busy schedule. It is quiet, connected, and comfortable. If you need to get things done, you can do so in our world-class facility without missing a beat. Concierge Pickup and Delivery – Luxury car owners anticipate excellent service, and rightfully so. Our concierge service will pick up your car when it’s ready for service and promptly return it when the job is complete. Free Car Washes for Life – You believe in having a put-together appearance, and that extends to your Mercedes-Benz. We will wash your car for free, for as long as you own it. Product Genius Bar – Modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles feature the latest in leading-edge technology, and we want you to enjoy all the amazing features your car offers. Our product geniuses are ready to assist you with syncing phones, programming the navigation system, adjusting the mirrors, storing seat preferences, and more.
Some of the most popular models from Mercedes-Benz include the car-maker’s G-Class line of SUVs. As fuel prices remain low, popularity of SUVs are continuing to grow around the U.S. The GLA SUV is one of the smallest and most affordable of the Mercedes-Benz SUVs. The compact SUV has dynamic styling and delivers a mix of flexibility, fuel-efficiency and nimble road performance. It is available as the GLA 250, the GLA 250 4MATIC® or the sports version-AMG® GLA 45 The GLE SUV (formerly the M-Class) has been redesigned from its muscular front end to its LED tailpipes. Other features also have been introduced in order to cut emissions and provide for safe driving. The GLE is available in six engine options: two V6 options, two high-performance V8 models, a diesel, and a brand new plug-in hybrid version. The GLC is a midsize SUV that features a roomy newly-redesigned cabin that in includes a touch pad on its console and aircraft-style vents. Its hands-free power lift gate also makes access to the cargo area easier. The always popular G-Wagen, with its iconic upright, boxy shape, is sturdy and stylish and features handcrafted finishes in the interior. It is available as the G 550 and two AMG® versions-the AMG® G 63 and AMG® G 65.
We have well over 300 new Mercedes-Benz automobiles to choose from. We also carry between 75 and 100 certified pre-owned vehicles and assorted pre-owned makes and models at any given time. We invite you to browse our selection of C, E, G, M, and S-Class models, as well as some miscellaneous types of Sprinter vans, online or in person. Stop by for a test drive or, if you prefer, shop online from the convenience of your home or office. Our website features a wealth of online tools to make shopping simple and enjoyable, including easy search and filtering, detailed vehicle information, photos, pricing, and incentives where applicable.
We are certain you’ll love the large selection of vehicles at MBOBR, and you’ll love the quality even more. Our inventory of pre-owned certified cars features a hand-picked selection of only the finest pre-owned cars, and is predominantly comprised of single-owner, high-quality, pampered vehicles. We place exceptional focus on details to ensure that every pre-owned vehicle that earns a spot on our lot is of superior caliber.
We are a Mercedes-Benz retailer with a vast and intimate knowledge of the vehicles we sell. Our reputation demands that we only sell the finest pre-owned cars available. At MBOBR, each and every vehicle on the lot has earned its spot and status as certified pre-owned. All potential candidates are closely examined by our Mercedes-Benz master technicians who understand the requirements that make a certified pre-owned vehicle the best and only choice. At our state-of-the-art facility they analyze more than 164 inspections points on each vehicle before it qualifies as pre-owned certified. We also offer factory-backed MBCPO warranties that provide one year of coverage with unlimited miles, for unlimited peace of mind.

An authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership is always the best place to have your vehicle serviced and maintained, regardless of whether you live in North Houston or the surrounding area. There are several benefits to using an official Mercedes-Benz dealership for all your service needs, including:

  • Premium Customer Service: Mercedes-Benz dealerships offer world-class customer service with amenities like comfortable service lounges, free Wi-Fi and available refreshments.
  • Certified Technicians: Dealerships feature professional technicians that are certified by Mercedes-Benz and have extensive experience with each model line.
  • Extensive Knowledge: At a Mercedes-Benz service center, the technicians work primarily on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, giving them the knowledge and experience necessary to diagnose and repair your vehicle’s problems quickly and efficiently, minimizing your wait and inconvenience.
  • Genuine Parts: A Mercedes-Benz service center will repair maintain and repair your vehicle properly, using only genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement parts, protecting its value and its warranty.
  • Warranty and Recall Work: A Mercedes-Benz dealership is the only facility authorized to perform warranty or recall work that is certified by the manufacturer.
  • Premium Parts and Accessories: Many Mercedes-Benz service centers sell and install premium parts, accessories and upgrades that are exclusive to Mercedes-Benz dealerships and not available through third-parties.
As a MBOBR customer you are guaranteed to receive superior service at every stage of vehicle ownership. We offer services and accessories tailored to your needs, every step of the way. Enjoy unlimited free car washes for the lifetime of your automobile, Valet Pickup and Drop-off service, Personal Concierge 24/7 roadside service and more. Our pre-owned vehicles come with a limited warranty that now includes unlimited mileage. We also offer a prepaid maintenance program for your convenience.

Any Mercedes-Benz is extraordinary, and it’s difficult to imagine that any car could trump its performance. In fact, only one vehicle does: the Mercedes-Benz AMG®. The acronym ‘AMG®’ stands for Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach. Hans Werner Aufrecht (who was born in Großaspach) and Erhard Melcher were highly talented mechanics who ran an independent auto performance shop in Germany that caught the attention of Mercedes-Benz. Impressed with the innovative performance enhancements the mechanic duo came up with, Mercedes-Benz ultimately bought AMG® and began implementing those features on its own vehicles. Today, Mercedes-Benz AMG® is recognized as the ultimate performance luxury car. When developing a new AMG®, model engineers go through many stages to ensure the car meets the highest expectations and requirements of sporty drivers.These stages include:

  • Fundamental Set-Up
  • Performance & Dynamics
  • Improving Defined Driving Characteristics
  • Extensive Testing

The AMG® engineers’ attention to detail results in a high-performance automobile featuring more than 500 original AMG® parts. There is no margin of error, no room for even the smallest behavioral flaws. The Mercedes-Benz AMG® is pure perfection.

One Man–One Engine. This is the philosophy applied to the hand-assembly of every Mercedes-Benz AMG® engine. To this day, every single Mercedes-Benz AMG® engine is assembled by hand in Affalterbach, Germany, with a designated technician taking full responsibility of every stage in the process. Upon completion, his or her signature is then put on the engine plate. Only the highest qualified technicians with many years of experience are employed in the AMG® engine shop. This single technician is responsible for the engine passing rigorous testing methods to ensure precision performance. The engine assembly process is controlled and documented by the AMG® Trace System. This state-of-the-art system monitors building process and displays relevant online system information. It allows the designated technician to combine the traditional approach to AMG® engine production with production trends of the future. The utmost precision and attention to detail are important during the AMG® engine assembly as it has to pass not only the engine tests but also stringent Mercedes-Benz quality criteria. Most importantly, it must exhibit the reliability and longevity of a Mercedes-Benz.

The first model of the Mercedes-Benz AMG® was introduced in 1967. Ever since then it has been a highly sought-after vehicle with many different classes to choose from.These class choices include:

  • Sedans
  • Coupes
  • SUVs & Wagons
  • Convertibles & Roadsters

The rigorous testing all AMG® go through before they ever make it to the showroom floor ensures you will be getting a car that will bring you driving pleasure for many years to come. If you are looking for a genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG® packed with high-performance technology, look no further than Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge.

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