Taking to the Water in a Mercedes Luxury Yacht

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What makes a good design great? Some say it has to perform and look good, others say that it needs to astonish. But the one thing that most everyone can agree on, is that you know great design when you see it.


Mercedes-Benz Style knows great design. This division of the company is responsible for taking the values of technology, innovation and uncompromising quality to a variety of products. With their unique and holistic approach to design, they collaborate with select manufacturers to bring the unmistakable Mercedes Benz design language to other areas of life. Those who have used Mercedes-Benz lifestyle items can attest to their superior quality and distinctive style. Some of these previous projects, which have been brought to life, include eyewear, golf carts, motorcycles, and airplanes.

This time Mercedes-Benz Style in collaboration with Silver Arrows Marine has created something out of the ordinary. The creation is called the “Arrow460–Granturismo“, a 46 ft. motor yacht. Great design and great execution must go hand in hand, and Silver Arrows Marine knows great execution. They are a firm that takes great pride in making products with uncompromising quality and attention to detail.

According to the company’s CEO Jacopo Spadolini, Silver Arrows Marine is a company, which challenges convention and pushes boundaries.

We unleash the imagination – the reason we question when others won’t, and do things others can’t. It’s our way of finding a better way. Our way of combining our passion for boats and the sea with inspiring new solutions for an on-board experience that is unlike any other.

Why should you stop experiencing advantageous design, comfort, and exclusivity once the road comes to an end?

Modern Luxury

Gorden Wagener, who has been the Head of Design at Daimler AG since 2008, has described Mercedes Benz as a traditional luxury brand, which has transitioned into a modern luxury brand.

The design language we created around that idea is something we call ‘sensual purity’. On one hand, you have sensuality, which is the equivalent in design to luxury because luxury is always something opulent, sexy. And purity, of course, goes hand in hand with modernity – something clean, pure and timeless. We bring these two aspects together to define this concept of modern luxury. To make it even simpler, we brought it down to two simple things: hot and cool. Whatever we do we ask ourselves if it is hot and cool. If it isn’t both of those then we don’t create it.

The unmistakable component of enduring quality is one that Mercedes-Benz Style has embedded into each and every one of its products. The sensual purity design language is embodied in this adventurous and innovative take on marine transportation.  It strikes as bold and opulent, yet it also possesses a historically classy and minimal car-evoking silhouette.

The legend of the Silver Arrow was born after the leader of the team, which used Mercedes-Benz prototypes specifically asked for the paint removal from an early W 25 to make it lighter. That simple method made it the fastest car in the German Grand Prix racing track on that summer day in 1934. The brand then became a synonym for record-breaking design and outstanding performance, while the emblematic naked metal color has been applied to every one of its designs.


Granturismo (Italian for Grand Touring) is a term that is used to describe cars that are designed for both luxury and performance. Those who have used Mercedes-Benz know that it is not just a performance car company.  The brand has a long and celebrated history in Grand Touring (GT) cars. From the 300SL Gullwing to the SLS AMG®, Mercedes-Benz has built some of the most emblematic and celebrated GT cars. The Arrow 460-Granturismo is a worthy successor of the Mercedes-Benz GT tradition.

A yacht goes beyond a means of transportation you can own. It’s a lifestyle, a reflection of your personality and of your ethos. The aesthetically pleasing yacht design for the Arrow 460-Granturismo showcases art and style in motion. It becomes an extension of how you intend to move through the world. It’s a decision, not a situation.

The yacht marketplace is one of the most fascinating form-meets-function places that encompass the word customizable. Everyone has their unique view on how to live their life and this completely new boat concept becomes an extension of such lifestyle. This boat is equally capable of taking a day cruise down the coast or hosting an overnight stay onboard.

Sculptural Character

Anyone who has used Mercedes-Benz products can agree on the fact that the combination of technology, engineering and design combine for an uncompromising experience. Just like the timeless 20’s Le Mans racing cars and pretty much every vehicle, which has come out of the Mercedes-Benz Style studio, the vessel sports the classic silver hue.

The cabin is finely sculpted to comfortably seat ten passengers in luxurious nubuck leather seats, all while enjoying the feeling of being immersed in the sea. The cabin has an automated system and it has integrated navigation features in order to operate comfortably. It has a state-of-the-art sound system, a built-in chilled wine storage, air-conditioning, and an icemaker. It’s a complete sensory experience, and a great taste combination of bringing your leisure time to open water while sporting an exclusive design.

Everything has been thought out for the emotional experience of cruising the sea while being inside of a yacht. This is one of the advantages of its hybrid design since it combines elements of an open boat and of a hull cruiser. We can see an example of this on the windscreen. It faces the front of the ship and has to option to be raised or not, whether you’re in for a complete sense of freedom or enjoy a more comfortable ride.

The cabin accommodates to the passengers with dimmable polarized windows. While you’re seated inside, you can enjoy the view of the vast body of water ahead of you in an air-conditioned environment. You could also simply enjoy the company of your guests in complete privacy. It can be valuable to make a lasting first impression.

Size and Technology

This aerodynamic vessel measures up at 14 meters (46 ft.) long. The power comes from two Yanmar 6LY3-ETP diesel engines, which combine for a total of 706 kW (960 hp). True to the Mercedes-Benz philosophy, form follows function. That’s good enough for a top speed of 40 knots (74 km/h, 46 mph), although the recommended cruising speed is 28-30 knots (52-56 km/h, 32-35 mph) in calm waters.

The Silver Arrow of the Sea compels you to cover some serious ground at that cruising speed too, because the fuel tank will hold over 900 liters (200 US gallons) at its maximum capacity. This means that you can pretty much enjoy a full-sized holiday on board. This luxury yacht combines features of an open boat during sun-drenched days, and comfortable overnight stays for the real open-water enthusiasts.



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