The all-new eSprinter

The all-new eSprinter

Prepare to experience the all-new fully electric eSprinter. For the first time in the U.S., customers can elevate their fleet’s sustainability with a locally emission-free, battery-powered van bearing the Mercedes-Benz star. Designed with the same versatile features, load capacity and advanced technologies of its gas-powered sibling, the eSprinter is ready to be equipped as a mobile workshop or a spacious delivery van. The all-new eSprinter is coming soon.Say “Hello!” to the all-new eSprinter.

Charging the all-new eSprinter

Based upon your needs, Mercedes-Benz Vans offers just the right solutions. Get assistance from Mercedes-Benz and ChargePoint with a home or fleet charging assessment. With the launch of the all-new eSprinter we will also offer Mercedes me Charge to cover your public charging needs. If you need fleet solutions, we can help keep your whole fleet charged, too. We can even help you build a charging depot from the ground up.

Charging at Home


+ MB Wallbox Charger The new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is a convenient and connected charging solution to confidently recharge your van at home. Depending on charging conditions, this option can add up to 30 miles of range per hour for a full charge overnight. When paired with the Mercedes me connect app, you can view your home and public charging history, enable access protection or share access to your wallbox and more.

+ Mobile Flex ChargerThe Mobile Flex Charging Cable allows for Level 1 and Level 2 home charging in one compact cable. This is an optional item in our model year 2024 eSprinter. The Mobile Flex has two interchangeable plugs: one to add a few miles of range from a standard household outlet, and one for faster charging from a dedicated 240V outlet.

+ Installation with Qmerit  For installation services we recommend Qmerit to complete the installation of your home charger. The installation costs vary and depend on the individual setup of your home. Complete your home assessment and Request a Quote today.

Charging on the Go

+ Charging on the Go, or public charging with Mercedes me connect, is made easy by locating stations through the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) multimedia system in your Van or through the Mercedes me connect App on your mobile device. Additional filters will allow you to filter charging stations by charging speed and availability.
+ Mercedes me Charge is an essential part of owning a Mercedes-Benz electric Van. This service integrates multiple charging point operators (CPOs) into a single network, including ChargePoint, Electrify America and EVgo. With access to over 60,000 public charging points nationwide, Mercedes me Charge is one of the largest integrated charging networks in the U.S. Mercedes me Charge calculates charging costs and duration, offers to easily start charging sessions, see your charging history and pay.

Fleet Depot Charging

+ Fleet Depot Charging. Fleet Depot Charging is essential for fleets of all sizes. This is why Mercedes-Benz Vans has partnered with ChargePoint to meet our fleet customer’s needs. Whether your fleet needs charging hardware or vehicle telematics/software solutions, Mercedes-Benz and ChargePoint have a suite of joint solutions that will take your electric fleet to the next level. Why ChargePoint
+ ChargePoint Fleet Management Software. We developed the all-new eSprinter with our customers in mind. This is why your eSprinter rolls off the production line “ready-made” to interact with the ChargePoint Fleet Management Software. This flexible solution allows our customers with multi-brand fleets to still have the ability to monitor all of your fleet operations in a one-stop shop. Engage ChargePoint here to learn more about the process. EV Fleet Management Software

Key Features

Peace of mind right from the start.

The service package included with the eSprinter covers the costs of maintenance work in accordance with the service booklet and manufacturer’s specifications for the first four services within the first four years, or up to a maximum of 100,000 miles. Thanks to a regular and professional inspection of the high-voltage components and other vehicle parts and functions, you can be sure that your electric van is always ready for use and retains its value. Today and in the future.


+ Body builder connector

+ Comfort and Electrically Adjustable Seats (including memory function)

+ 270-degree rear doors with 90-degree stop

And more …

Assistance Systems

+ Digital rearview mirror

+ Blind Spot Assist

+  Active Brake Assist

And more …


+ MBUX multimedia system with 10.25-inch screen

+ Navigation with Live Traffic capability

+ Instrument cluster with color display

And more …


+ Remote cabin convenience and Pre-Conditioning. Enjoy maximum comfort as soon as you get in by starting the auxiliary heating or cooling of your vehicle remotely via the Mercedes me connect App.

+ Heatable steering wheel

+ THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control

+ Multifunction steering wheel (e.g. recuperation mode settings)

+ Smartphone tray with wireless charging

+ Remote cabin convenience and pre-conditioning

+ Regeneration Braking D-Auto

+ Three driving programs (Eco, comfort, max range)

+ Eco-Assist

And more …

Connected Technology

With technology like Active Brake Assist, rear-view camera display, multimedia touch-screen control and more, you’ll be taking to the road with ease. And when you connect drivers, vehicles, and managers with Mercedes me connect, you can push your business even further[1][2].

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Key Specifications

EFFICIENCY CHARGING: Watch how this eSprinter drives five hours from Las Vegas, NV to Long Beach, CA on a single charge.

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