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Vans are vehicles that are completely utilitarian in nature. Helping a friend move to a new apartment? Taking the kids to soccer practice? A Mercedes-Benz van is the practical answer to both.

Outside of commercial purposes, the van as a personal vehicle has risen and fallen in popularity throughout the decades. Back in the mid-to-late 90’s it was the family vehicle of choice. You could see it everywhere. Just about every car manufacturer was selling it. Yet, since the beginning of the new millennium, it slowly started losing ground to the SUV and crossover. Despite having a knack for being practical and comfortable, SUV’s and crossovers have pretty much taken over the sedan market. Ironically, in recent years, several new SUV’s have started looking more like vans.

A History of Practicality

Although Mercedes-Benz has been manufacturing vans in some form or another for decades, the first generation of the Sprinter was released in 1995. It had been released to replace the legendary Mercedes-Benz TN van that had been produced since the 70’s.

More than 3 million Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans have been sold since it was released over 20 years ago. You can find a used Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van in over 130 countries. A true testament to the quality and reliability for which Mercedes-Benz is known. A key characteristic of the Sprinter is that it can be configured to just about any need. The wide variety of engines and factory options paired to a reliable and tough chassis have helped the Sprinter find an opportunity and a place in every industry. People have used Mercedes-Benz vans as ambulances, mini-buses, cargo vans, and the 4X4 version has been used by the military of several countries.

The second, and current generation, of the Sprinter vans, was introduced in 2006. It received the Van of the year award in 2007.

And as everything with the Mercedes badge, it provides unsurpassed reliability, build quality, and support from a network of dedicated dealers.

The Competition

The van segment is an extremely competitive one. These vehicles are designed for professional commercial use. Reliability, comfort, and practicality are not only expected but demanded from customers. Many van sales are used to form fleets that travel tens of thousands of miles every year.

These are vehicles that are designed to be workhorses. All the manufacturers that compete in the segment understand this and have their own take on how to cater to the segment.

On the other hand, there is the minivan. Although usually not small at all, compared to your average sedan, the minivan is the passenger car version of the full-size van. Modern minivans are comfortable and usually capable of transporting up to 7 passengers. Minivans are the perfect combination of practicality, comfort and cargo space.

True Luxury

What happens when you need the space of a full-size van and the comfort of a premium luxury sedan? The answer is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Jet Van. California-based Becker Automotive Design builds a custom-made version of the Sprinter van. They redesign all key interior components to create an amazingly luxurious and practical transportation solution.

Custom Made

Becker Automotive Designs is a California-based company that started out in the 1970’s. They worked with top luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche, and Ferrari. They installed top of the line audio, security, and communication systems for the most demanding customers.

In the mid 90’s, with 20 years of experience under their belt, they took the next step in vehicle customization. Becker started creating built-to-order limousines, SUVs, and discreet luxury transportation. These vehicles are a showcase of the most exclusive design and can include anything that a customer may want. It was during this time that they also started offering armored protection for their vehicle, starting at protection from handguns all the way to military grade weapons.

In 2009 they became an approved Member of Mercedes-Benz’ Customer Assurance Program. This certifies them as an approved “upfitter” for any vehicle of the make, even the Mercedes-Benz vans. They have sent their creations to over 30 countries. Their clients include A-list movie stars, musicians, and even royalty. Will Smith, Dr. Dre, Vin Diesel, and Slash are a few who have used Mercedes-Benz upgraded vehicles. You could say that Becker Automotive Designs knows luxury and customizability.

The Jet Van

When you step inside the Jet Van, it’s hard to believe that it’s a car you’re getting on. It’s more like the cabin of a private jet. Leather upholstery, fine wood cabinetry, it’s all there. If you can think about it, there’s a good chance that Becker can add it to your Jet Van.

Some will feature reclining temperature controlled seats, a mini bar that holds enough crystalware for all passengers to enjoy a refreshing beverage, a 40-inch LCD screen, a 10-inch LCD screen attached to each seat, and a full-fledged multimedia center. All of this is possible while staying connected with a military-grade Internet connection system. The multimedia center has a top-of-the-line sound system, a storage system for more than 2,000 DVD’s, as well as satellite radio. Electric blinds for when you want to have a little privacy are also included.

If security is something you are worried about, then you can request the van to be armored and include an air filter that can withstand biological attacks. A powerful V8 engine, run-flat tires, and a redesigned suspension allow this van to take its eight passengers anywhere in comfort and style.

And probably the most valuable of all the features in this van is an “executive bathroom”, as they call it, and it can be fitted in the rear of the van. This item is priceless, especially if you are in a traffic jam with nowhere to go. If you don’t want the bathroom, the rear can be used for luggage.

If what you need is unparalleled jaw-dropping luxury, comfort, and safety. You know where to go now. $400,000 will get you a lot more than a car, it will get you a whole other kind of experience.



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