The 4 Best Films to Have Used Mercedes-Benz Models 

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Cars are a unique breed of machinery. They serve the utilitarian need of transport, allowing drivers and passengers to get from one place to another with relative ease. But a car says something about a person, it becomes an extension of who we are, and perhaps that is the reason why so many films have used Mercedes-Benz models to amplify the personalities of their heroes (and villains).

To best illustrate this point of personality, we’ll begin with a quick precursor in the overlooked short film Aging in Style: Essaouira’s FinestIn this mini-biopic, we meet Mohamed El Bacha and his beloved Stroke 8 Mercedes-Benz. El Bacha left an unfulfilling life selling pastries when he found a used Mercedes-Benz in 1991 and decided to enter the taxi business. El Bacha completely restored the baby blue vehicle and has since used her to ferry people throughout the Moroccan coast, proudly claiming she has not once broken down in the 20+ years she’s been in his care.

1.  1972 600 LWB Limousine aka “The Red Baron” in Batman and Robin (1997)

High-class style paired with power and plenty of curves, the stately 600 red limousine was the perfect escort vehicle for femme fatale Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman) in Batman and Robin. While the scene featuring The Red Baron isn’t long, it’s presence tells you everything you need to know about Poison Ivy’s character and what she plans to do next (especially with that blood red paint job).

Of course, Uma Thurman wasn’t the only celebrity to have lounged in the The Red Baron’s back seats. This one-of-a-kind vehicle was purportedly built to usher Peanuts creator Charles Schulz around Europe during a book tour and later owned by the Hilton clan to be ridden in by celebrity friends like Jack Nicholson and Elvis Presley.

2.  2004 C-Classes Mercedes-Benz Station in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

Okay, enough with the escort vehicles. This beauty of a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz is the personal vehicle of Mrs. Smith, an undercover agent and trained assassin. Again, the car casting directors made an excellent choice as the sleek C 320 similarly gives the appearance of professionalism and elegance that squares with Mrs. Smith’s confident public profile. However, underneath their unblemished exteriors, both the character and the car pack a great deal of power waiting to be unleashed. The Mercedes-Benz makes a couple great cameos in the film, but our favorite is the sassy crash and run that starts off the epic Smith v. Smith fight scene.

3.  1965 280 SE Convertible in The Hangover (2009)

Where most film cars act as props, there are a few that stand out as complete characters and ought to be credited on the film posters. This is the case with the Mercedes-Benz convertible featured in the 2009 comedy The Hangover.

The film follows the hilarious mishaps that are only possible when a bachelor party goes totally and completely wrong. The 280 SE Convertible acts as a physical metaphor for all things that go wrong on their journey. With every twist of the plot, the beautiful convertible earns more and more scratches and dents.

In fact, the film makers had to use a total of five Mercedes-Benz throughout the movie’s filming, including three original 1965 convertibles and two coupes modified to resemble convertibles. While it does pain us to see the slow destruction of these gorgeous cars, at least we have this great Las Vegas entrance to remember her by.

4.  1980 450 SL Convertible in American Gigolo (1980)

Thankfully, not all films feel the need to destroy convertibles. The 1980 crime-romance film pairs its high-priced playboy protagonist Julian Kay (Richard Gere) with a high-fashion 450 SL convertible. And quite the fit it is. As the film’s trailer announces, “His business is pleasure”, and so what better vehicle to have such a character man than the convertible that epitomizes driving indulgence?

Julian’s job involves keeping ladies attracted, interested, and engaged. We love that the vehicle he drives does the same. For extra emphasis, just take a gander at this convertible’s fantastic appearance throughout the American Gigolo‘s opening scenes, with the perfect audio backdrop of Blondie’s rendition of “Call Me.”

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